We'd welcome your support in prayer and giving.  Use the Call to Prayer page to request the Prayer Bulletin. For donations contact us direct or use one of the websites below.

Donate via Stewardship

You can donate securely to Friends of Turkey via Donate via Stewardship using credit or debit card (MasterCard, Visa, Delta and Maestro, but not accept American Express).

There are two options: you can give to the general ministry of FoT or you can give towards the Silas Project (you choose which you'd like to give to after clicking on the button below).

(type in Friends of Turkey, or 1060199 into the “Find a Charity” search bar)

Recycle for Charity

By simply recycling your printer inkjet cartridges and mobile phones you are able to help us raise funds for this charity.  Click on the Recycle 4 Charity logo below.

Recycle 4 Charity

Donate via Charities Aid Foundation

Charities Aid Foundation
You can give securely to either the general ministry of FoT or the Silas Project using your debit or credit card.

You can choose to give anonymously if you wish.

Donate to FoT


If you would like to donate to the Silas Project via the Charities Aid Foundation website please lick the button below.

Donate to the Silas Project