From time-to-time representatives of Friends of Turkey visit our partners in Turkey. This strengthens our relationships and offers support and encouragement.

Here are some brief summaries of visits our trustees have made:

In September 2023 one of our trustees visited our partners in Istanbul and two other cities in Anatolia. It was important to give time to listen and learn about the challenges of their situation. He reported on the enthusiasm of our partners to see other churches formed. He was made aware of the need for more young Turkish people to be raised up as leaders.

In June 2023 one of our Trustees visited our partners on the Black Sea Coast. She visited a number of cities where they are working and joined some Sunday services. After her visit she said these churches are really welcoming and offer a loving and safe environment for people to ask questions about faith and learn about the truth.

At the end of 2022 one of our Trustees joined in a church leaders’ conference and met some of our partners from the Samsun church. These partners are actively engaged in a preaching ministry, and the training offered by this conference enabled them to be more effective in presenting biblical truths to believers and seekers alike.